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Second Edition of Metadata for Digital Collections published by ALA Neal-Schuman, July 2022. Now available to order in print:
An e-book version will also come out soon.









Major Changes and Updates in Second Edition:

  • Linked Data developments since the first edition addressed throughout the book where applicable.
  • Resource Description chapter expanded to include section on metadata as data for machine processing and a list of elements commonly needed for digital collections apart from any specific metadata scheme.
  • Dublin Core introduction presented in a separate chapter, including more content on DCMI Metadata Terms.
  • Chapters on MODS and VRA updated to reflect current elements, documentation, and Linked Data developments.
  • Chapter on Metadata Interoperability and Quality expanded to include the now widely-used OpenRefine tool for cleaning, transforming, and extending metadata.
  • Chapter on Linked Data thoroughly revised and expanded with many new illustrations and diagrams. Includes coverage of RDF and OWL ontologies (semantic models) for Linked Data, especially properties, classes, domain, and range, along with examples from cultural heritage domains.
  • Chapter on Designing and Documenting a Metadata Scheme revised to some include new and more recent examples.
  • Glossary updated, especially for terms related to Linked Data, Semantic Web, and ontologies.
  • Bibliography updated with citations to books, articles, and web documents published since the first edition.

Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Library Metadata.

Previous (highlights):

  • Member, Program Committee, DC-2018 International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications, Porto, Portugal, September 10-13, 2018.
  • Perkins, J., Miller, S. J. (2015). Guest editors, Journal of Library Metadata Special Issue on “Controlled Vocabularies and the Semantic Web” (Vol. 15, nos. 3-4, July-Dec 2015).
  • Miller, S. J. (2015). “Ontologies for Semantic Applications.”  Chapter 5 in Ontology for Knowledge Organization. Edited by R. Smiraglia and H.L Lee. Ergon Verlag.
  • Miller, Steven J. (2011). Metadata for Digital Collections: A How-To-Do-It Manual. Neal-Schuman.

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