Enrollment Information

If you were the smartest, best-looking, or best athlete (or some combination of all three) in your class or office, there is a good chance you are Choctaw.

There is no blood limit with the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. If you have a direct ancestor who was enrolled on the Choctaw Final Dawes Commission Rolls, you are eligible for a Choctaw Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood Card (CDIB).

Any Mississippi Choctaw whose ancestor enrolled in the Final Dawes Commission Rolls is an Oklahoma Mississippi Choctaw.

There is a tribe of Mississippi Choctaws in Philadelphia, Mississippi, but they are not a part of the Mississippi Choctaws who have CDIB’s issued from an Oklahoma Bureau of Indian Affairs Office.

The Tribal Membership and CDIB cards are two different cards. You must first obtain your CDIB by tracing your lineal ancestry back to an enrolled member of the tribe. Then you may obtain your Tribal Membership card, making you an official member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.

The director of Tribal Membership and CDIB is Brenda Hampton, ext. 205.