Dr. Martin Gerhard Vieten, PhD

PhD Alumnus
Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee


I am a former PhD Student in Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Before graduating from UWM in 2018, I earned my Bachelor’s degree in “Scientific Programming” and my Master’s Degree in “Technomathematics” at the Aachen University of Applied Sciences in my home country of Germany. Currently, I work as a consultant in the fields of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence for DEVnet.

My research interests lie in the intersection of Probability and Numerical Analysis, and various applications of both fields on scientific problems. Under the supervision of Prof. Richard Stockbridge, my dissertation “Numerical Solution of Stochastic Control Problems using the Finite Element Method” established a discretisation technique for infinite-dimensional linear programs stemming from Stochastic control problems. In particular, the convergence of the method was proven and its performance was demonstrated using an implementation in Matlab and Fortran.

If you have any question regarding me, feel free to contact me via email.