Undergraduate Research Assistants


Sarah  Bodhy

I am an undergraduate exchange student from France pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Being an online student in my home university while also traveling, I didn’t get a chance to work in research. Joining the Anxiety Disorders lab is a great experience that is reinforcing my will to pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. In the lab, I organize and conduct an experiment where I record and collect data, including heart rate variability.



Tien Kolodziej

I am a freshman, going on sophomore undergrad student and UW Milwaukee. When asked “Why did you want to do research?” I was surprised to learn that my answer “I’m curious and want to learn and this seems like the right spot to do that,” was an abnormal one. Apparently, the reason for most people is to get into Grad school. My job in the lab is to run the experiment and collect data, this includes going over consent with participants, putting on an EEG, EOG’s, GSR’s, and setting up eye tracking. Ultimately, I think my goal is to pursue a master’s degree in the area of counseling. In the meantime, I plan to continue doing research and building up my background in mental health and anxiety.



Carli Kugel

I am currently an undergraduate sophomore Research Assistant pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.  After undergrad, I plan to go for a MS/PhD in Clinical Psychology. I have recently joined the Anxiety Disorders Lab, and I am enjoying every bit of it. In the lab so far, I have gained experience in IRB write up, literature reviews, database research, and creating word content for ABM (attention-bias modification) training. Currently, I am involved in creating a study involving test anxiety in students. For this, we are creating a dot-probe for ABM (attention-bias modification) training. I am currently receiving the SURF Grant for my research in the lab, so I will be participating in the Undergraduate Research Symposium on May 1st. I look forward to gaining experience, building relationships, and diving deeper into psychological research here in the lab. I hope to obtain a better understanding of research and the research process, in preparation for my postgraduate academic goals.



Ashna Pandya

I am an undergraduate obtaining my Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology at UW-Milwaukee. My goal is to obtain my Master’s and then my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in order to become a Child and Adolescent Psychologist. As a research assistant, I help run the study sessions using an EEG and eye-tracker. I also collect data and help process it and communicate with participants via email. Being involved in the Anxiety Disorders Lab has allowed me to further my career goals, as well as, enhance my knowledge within the field.




Madeline Rech

I am an undergraduate pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology here at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. My ultimate goal is to attain a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and being a research assistant has reaffirmed my interests in the field. In the Anxiety Disorders Lab, I work on multiple studies, from which I now most notably have experience with EEG, eye-tracking, clinical interviewing and behavioral assessments. As a lead RA, I have taken on coordinating roles, such as corresponding with participants, training new student researchers, setting up recruitment presentations and scheduling study sessions. I am also a researcher in the Child Neurodevelopment Research Lab, helping on a study investigating children with NF1; in this position, I am becoming more familiar with hand-scoring measures, creating protocols and I will ultimately have the opportunity to be involved during research sessions with children participants. For my honor’s thesis, I am investigating the attentional biases involved in nail biting and hope to one day extend this to investigate the emotional symptoms and attentional biases present in children who engage in body-focused repetitive behaviors.



Paola  Zhaka

I am an undergraduate student here in the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. I am pursuing a Bachelor’s of Art degree in Psychology with an Art and Design Studio minor focusing on painting and drawing. As a research assistant in the Anxiety Lab, my tasks are to get in contact with participants and schedule for the arriving times. I prepare and conduct the experiment sessions and input data in a Maintenance Log. Being a part of the Anxiety Lab has solidified my decision on pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology and furthering my clinical and interpersonal skills in the field.




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