Practice Effect

Why is a dissertation difficult? Because you have not done this before. You have no practice. There was a time you did not know how to speak, or walk. The practice you have done has launched you to mastery. There… Read More

Everybody Ps

“Significant or not significant?” You’ve had classes on this. You have had practice on this. You are motivated to perform this statistical practice of examining p values. P values are everywhere in your training and in the published literature. If… Read More

Adulting It

As a child, I remember asking my mother repeatedly – When will I be an adult? I was so much looking forward to crossing a threshold and being the one who could know the things and do the things and… Read More

Time Management

You may not have noticed (ha!), but graduate school places a lot of competing demands on your time. The bad news is that the more you progress, and the better you do, the more you will be asked to do…. Read More

Information Curation

OK, kids, we really are living in the age of information, and this is an absolutely fabulous thing for science! Virtually at your fingertips are datasets, publications, informed opinion-pieces, reams of information collected by smart devices, videos of experts sharing… Read More

The Lift

You might have visions of being that scientist that goes down in the history books – the one with the spectacular insight that changes the world. Don’t let go of that drive. It will give you the courage to go… Read More


I love the word “ease”. Let’s call it “easy without the judgement”. Let this word conjure up going with the flow, leaning into the support of the universe, and an inner state of calm that allows for productivity and excellence… Read More