Laura Tohe

Board Member, Indigenous Nations Poets

Laura Tohe is Diné, Sleepy-Rock People clan and born for the Bitter Water People clan. She is the current Navajo Nation Poet Laureate. She has written 5 books and her work has appeared in the U.S., Canada, Chile, and Europe. Her commissioned librettos, Enemy Slayer, A Navajo Oratorio and Nahasdzáán in the Glittering World, made their world premieres in Arizona and France, respectively. Among her awards are the 2020 Academy of American Poetry Fellowship; 2019 American Indian Festival of Writers Award; Arizona Book Association’s Glyph Award for Best Poetry and Best Book; and was nominated for the Pushcart Award. She is Professor Emerita with Distinction from Arizona State University.



The Nightlife

Genre: Poetry
Publisher: Red Hen Press
Publication Date: 2017

In Elise Paschen’s prize-winning poetry collection, Infidelities, Richard Wilbur wrote that the poems “. . . draw upon a dream life which can deeply tincture the waking world.” In her third poetry book, The Nightlife, Paschen once again taps into dream states, creating a narrative which balances between the lived and the imagined life. Probing the tension between “The Elevated” and the “Falls,” she explores troubled love and relationships, the danger of accident and emotional volatility. The Nightlife demonstrates Paschen’s versatility and formal mastery as she experiments with forms such as the pantoum, the villanelle and the tritina, as well as concrete poems and poems in free verse. Throughout this poetry collection, she interweaves lyric and narrative threads, creating a contrapuntal story-line. The book begins with a dive into deep water and ends with an opening into sky.

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The Eloquent Poem

Genre: Poetry
Publisher: Persea Books
Publication Date: 2019

The Eloquent Poem is an exhilarating anthology of 128 never-before-published poems by more than 100 contemporary poets. It is divided into fourteen chapters by poetic approach—some formal, some occasional, and some thematic—and includes illuminating micro-essays from the poets on how each poem came to be and how it fits into (or disrupts) its poetic tradition. Bound to inspire readers and writers, these are innovative poems to marvel at and learn from—among them ars poeticas by Joy Harjo and Cornelius Eady, litanies by Angela Jackson and Joy Ladin, persona poems by Laura Kasischke and Marilyn Nelson, and collage poems by Kimiko Hahn and Major Jackson. Other chapters showcase aphorisms, aubades & nocturnes, eclogues, ekphrasis, epistles, poems in form, mirror poems, mythological poems, and prose poems.

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