About In-Na-Po

Indigenous Nations Poets

Mission Statement

Founded in 2020, In-Na-Po—Indigenous Nations Poets—is a national Indigenous poetry community committed to mentoring emerging writers, nurturing the growth of Indigenous poetic practices, and raising the visibility of all Native Writers past, present, and future. In-Na-Po recognizes the role of poetry in sustaining tribal sovereign nations and Native languages.

Statement on Indigenous Identity

The work of In-Na-Po supports the sovereignty of Native Nations determining their citizenship, and we understand Native identity and citizenship to be a complex and evolving matter. We are inclusive of Native writers who are citizens of their Native Nation or community, as well as those who may not be enrolled but are actively participating and working towards the survival and continuance of their Nation(s) and who can demonstrate a familial connection, or descent through lineage. Because we do not want to perpetuate false claims of citizenship or representation of any connections to Nations without the Nations' consent and collaboration, poets should be able to provide proof through documentation or via a narrative of membership that is supported by their family lineage and by their Native community.

Grantors, Affiliations, and Partner Organizations

In-Na-Po is proud to be a member of The Poetry Coalition, a national alliance of more than 25 independent poetry organizations dedicated to working together to promote the value poets bring to our culture and the important contribution poetry makes in the lives of people of all ages and backgrounds. The Poetry Coalition and its programmatic efforts are supported by the Academy of American Poets with funds from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Our other partner organizations include:


Board Officers

Kimberly Blaeser

Founding Director

Jake Skeets


Jennifer Elise Foerster


Arielle Taitano Lowe

In-Na-Po Fellow 2021-2022

Board Members

Heid E. Erdrich

Board Member

LeAnne Howe

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Denise Low

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Board Member

Craig Santos Perez

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Advisory Board

Joy Harjo

Advisory Board Member

Nick Demske

Founder Bonk! Series

Jenny Gropp

Co-Director, Woodland Pattern Book Center

Jared Santek

Artistic Director, Write On, Door Country

Laura Solomon

Co-Director, Woodland Pattern Book Center

Michael Wilson

Advisory Board Member