Katie Schneider, “The Story of a Korean Farmer in an Anti-Asian America”



For this paper I plan to write about Mary Paik Lee. She is a Korean American woman, born in Korea, moved to America in the 20th century, and faced problems from society for being an Asian-American, especially during the time of Pearl Harbor. I want to use her autobiography about her life in America during the 20th century, to explore the racism that existed for Asian Americans during this period and to also explain how it relates to bigger events in history like the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the Japanese Internment Camps. Using Lee’s autobiography and letters/newspapers from the time of World War Two will help me research this topic. The research will show that Asian-Americans were all victims of the racism following the bombing of Pearl Harbor



I am currently a senior at UWM that will be graduating in Spring 2021. I am receiving my B.A. in History. My interests include research and travel.


“The Story of a Korean Farmer in an Anti-Asian America”

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