Elaina Nelson, “The Maribel Caves Hotel: Health Spa and Hotel of Hearsay”



Using archived material from local Historical Societies, the Wisconsin Historical Society, local libraries, the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay and local newspapers, this project will investigate the history of the Maribel Caves Hotel. This research will provide an audit of the documented information surrounding the tumultuous history of this hotel with a focus on the Prohibition-era of 1920-1933. Much of the ‘truths’ about this hotel seem to be more myth than fact, and I hope to clarify these speculative portions of its history. In doing so, this project will hopefully strengthen the connection between prohibition-era bootlegging and this small hotel, spa, and bottling plant.



I am an undergraduate student at UWM and will be graduating in the spring of 2021 with BA’s in History and Hebrew Studies.


“The Maribel Caves Hotel: Health Spa and Hotel of Hearsay”

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