Stephen Drena, “Influence of the Monsoon Season on Buddhist Monasticism”



The scope of this research is to describe the effect the South & Southeast Asian rainy season had on the initial development of Buddhist monasticism and lingering effects over time and with the spread of the religion. The scope of the research is broad highlighting general trends and practices through descriptions and examples from early years to the recent past. The primary foci consist of the following: the importance of the monsoon season as historical context to the creation of Buddhism especially the life and teaching career of the Buddha, the formation of the monastic community and the formalization of monastic rules and practices (Vinaya) with an emphasis on those found in the Vinaya Pitaka of the Pali Canon, and how these practices,



I am a senior at UW-Milwaukee intending to graduate with majors in History and Religious Studies and a minor in Economics, and I am currently in the School of Education licensure program for Early Adolescent through Adolescent Social Studies instruction. I currently work in international education having served as a Student Advisor for nearly four school years. My learning interests are focused in the humanities and I intend to pursue a graduate education and research topics such as: teaching religious literacy, international education, and progressive teaching methodologies.


“Influence of the Monsoon Season on Buddhist Monasticism”

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