Ph.D., University of Vermont, 2017
M.A., University of Vermont, 2014
B.A.,  Kent State University, 2012


Office: Garland Hall 417

Phone: (414) 229-4979


Curriculum Vitae




I received my BA in Psychology Kent State University in 2012 where I studied how enhancing learning through epigenetic mechanisms contributed to generalization and extinction of a conditioned fear response. I completed my PhD at the University of Vermont in 2017, where my research broadly examined two main themes in operant conditioning using rodent subjects. One theme examined the associative and neural mechanisms of acquisition and extinction of instrumental responding. The second examined relapse following instrumental extinction as well as ways in which this relapse could be reduced.

Working in the Helmstetter lab, I’m now back to my Pavlovian fear conditioning roots to examine the neural and molecular mechanisms that underlie the formation and destabilization of these memories.