Event Contributor Guide

UWM’s campus events calendar is designed to combine event information published in various sections of UWM.edu (e.g. school/college or administrative unit websites), and then present that information in a single place for the convenience of UWM.edu website visitors. The campus events calendar also re-publishes events to several additional locations. Below is a list of all locations your events will be published to, if you become a event contributor.

LocationURLSelection Criteria
UWM Campus Events Calendaruwm.edu/eventsAny events with at least one UWM Campus Events category selected.
UWM Home Pageuwm.eduAny events with the “Current Students” category selected.
UWM Reportuwm.edu/newsAny events with the “Public” category selected.
UWM Faculty/Staff Pageuwm.edu/faculty-staff/Any events with the “Faculty/Staff” category selected.
UWM Mobile AppThe UWM Mobile app is available for download in the Apple Store and Google Play store.Any events with at least one UWM Campus Events category selected.


Required and Recommended Event Information

The information is combined using a standard format for exchanging event information called iCalendar (or “iCal”). In order to provide visitors a consistent experience and to accommodate the requirements of the iCalendar format, certain information must be included in all events.

Since most UWM schools/colleges and administrative units use the events calendar WordPress plugin to publish events within their UWM WordPress sites on UWM.edu, this guide will assume you are using the events calendar plugin.


The following information is required:

FieldNotes & Recommendations
Event TitleYour title should distinctly identify your event in context of all other UWM events. Keep in mind visitors to the campus events calendar will not have the context of your website to interpret the event title. Use proper title case and avoid acronyms that may be unfamiliar to a broad audience. Keep character length of title to about 65 characters or less.
Event DescriptionYour event description should concisely describe your event and include the most important information within the first 180 characters. The first 180 characters of your event will be displayed as an event summary on the campus events calendar event listing. Visitors will be able to click an event details link to view your full event description on an event details page of the campus events calendar.

Links within event descriptions are currently not supported. HTML tags within event descriptions are currently not supported and will be removed when your event is imported into the Campus Events Calendar.

Visitors will be able to click an Event Website link from the Event Details page of the Campus Events Calendar and will be taken to the Event Details page within your school/college/unit website, where they will be able to use the full functionality you have built into your website’s events calendar, including any embedded forms, maps, etc.
UWM Campus Event Categories (one or more)If you are using the Events Calendar WordPress plugin to publish and contribute your events, you must select at least one campus events calendar event category. All campus events categories are available within the events administrative screen of WordPress on the event categories section under the UWM campus events parent category (when adding or editing an event). Available categories are topical (Alumni & Community, Arts and Culture, Academic Dates and Deadlines, Career and Leadership Development, Athletics and Recreation, Lectures Conferences and Symposiums, Student Life) and audience (Public, Students, Faculty and Staff, Prospective Students).

If there are events you want to publish within your school/college/administrative unit website, but you do not want to include in UWM’s Campus Events Calendar, simply do not select any of the categories under the UWM campus events parent category. Events without any UWM Campus Events selected will not be included in the campus events calendar.

If you require categorization specific to your site, you may create your own categories within your school/college/administrative unit website and select those categories instead of or in addition to UWM Campus Events categories.
Event start dateAn event’s start date and end date must be the same date. Single events spanning multiple days are not supported by the campus events calendar. Events Calendar plugin “All Day Events” are not supported by the campus events calendar.
Event start timeAn event start time in hours and minutes is required. Times must be in US Central Time (America/Chicago).
Event end timeAn event end time in hours and minutes is required. Times must be in US Central Time (America/Chicago).
LocationA location is required due to the iCalendar format specification.

If you are using the Events Calendar WordPress plugin to publish and contribute your events, it is highly recommended that you include any commonly known venue name in the address line, in front of the street address and street name. Providing both the venue name and the physical street address will speak to both audiences that are thinking in terms of building or place names and those that are unfamiliar with campus and need a physical address.

Thinking in terms of is very common for members of UWM such as students (e.g. ”Spaights Plaza” or ”Union Wisconsin Room”). Visitors to UWM and those new members of UWM will benefit from having the physical address available (e.g. “2200 E. Kenwood Blvd. Milwaukee, 53211”).

An example address for an event in the Union Wisconsin Room is:

Address: Union Wisconsin Room – 2200 E. Kenwood Blvd

City, state and zip code: Milwaukee, WI 53211


The following information is not required but is highly recommended:

FieldNotes & Recommendations
Featured imageUWM’s campus events calendar makes use of visual images to promote events. Including a high-quality, relevant, color photo will help get your event the attention of UWM.edu visitors.

If you are using the Events Calendar WordPress plugin to publish and contribute your events, your featured image will be designated by setting the Featured Image on the Events administrative screen of WordPress (when adding or editing an event).

Image Size and Quality

Images should be 1600×900 (4:3 aspect ratio).

Because the featured image will appear in various sized and on both traditional desktop computers and mobile devices, it is important to select an image with a strong composition that is recognizable event at a small size.
Additional advice on selecting featured images is below:

Do not use generic images or images that simply re-state the name or title of your event in a typeface (perhaps unless your event is about typography).
Images should be in focus and well-lit for the subject matter.
Images of the campus and real students, faculty, staff are preferred.
Avoid using text in images: text will not be available to assistive technology. Instead place the text in the event description or other details. Text over the image may also obscure the image.
Avoid using images found with a web search. Sometimes these images have a copyright associated with them and therefore are not free to use. University Relations photographers shoot thousands of photos each year that are available for a minimal fee. If stock photo must be used, please use a free stock photo site such as Pixabay.
Avoid manipulating the positions and appearance of people and objects or adding objects not found in the original photograph.