Note: This information is intended for members of UWM who are responsible for managing and/or promoting events at UWM.

UWM’s campus events calendar (uwm.edu/events) provides a centralized, categorized, searchable view of campus-wide events, as well as events taking place within UWM’s schools/colleges and other organizational units. The primary audience is UWM students, but the calendar also contains events of interest to prospective students, faculty/staff and the general public.

The UWM’s campus events calendar works by pulling in events from many predefined areas of the UWM.edu website and presenting them together in a single list. Interested individuals are invited to learn more about how UWM’s campus events calendar works.

If you represent a UWM school/college or administrative unit and wish to publish your events to the campus events calendar, please register as an event contributor.

If you are a registered event contributor looking for guidance on how to set up your events to publish to the campus events calendar, please consult the event contributor guide.