All lecture notes and related documents are in Adobe PDF format. All lecture materials are in Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx) format. Most modern web broswers can natively render PDF files, while Office 365 or Google Slides can open .pptx files. Nevertheless, please let me know if you encounter any issues with accessing the lecture materials. These notes are provided for personal use only.

This course is taught as an undergraduate/graduate elective that provides a single-semester overview of both tropical circulations and tropical cyclones. Consequently, the material is targeted primarily at the junior/senior undergraduate level, and some relevant topics (e.g., weak temperature gradient approximation, radiative-convective equilibrium and self-aggregation, tropical moisture modes, vortex Rossby waves, extratropical and tropical transition, etc.) are unfortunately unable to be covered or are only tangentially discussed within the allotted time. Nevertheless, I hope that you find these resources to be useful in your studies!


I was teaching this course during the spring 2020 semester that was interrupted by COVID-19. With the everything forced online, I developed recordings for the last ~40% of the course at the time. I decided to flip the course when I next taught it in spring 2022, leading me to develop recordings for the rest of the course. These recordings are available through a YouTube playlist.

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