UWM and Collaborators

Great Lakes and Surrounding Ecosystems

    GLNPO – US EPA Great Lakes National Program Office  – Great Lakes Monitoring

    GLENDA – Great Lakes Environmental Database

    LMMB – Lake Michigan Mass Balance Study

    LM AoC – Lake Michigan EPA Areas of Concern

    NOAA Lake Michigan Weather

    SOLM – State of Lake Michigan Conferences

    SOLEC – State of the Lakes Ecosystem Conference – USEPA GLNPO

    GLERL – NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab

    WI-DNR – Dept Natural Resources, Invasive Species Page

    NADP – National Atmospheric Deposition Program

Climate Change

Algae and Plants

Funding Agencies


    IAGLR – Int Assoc for Great Lakes Research

    ASLO – American Soc of Limnology and Oceanography

    ISPR – Int Assoc for Photosynthesis Research

    ASPB – American Soc for Plant Biology

    BSA – Botanical Soc of America – including a fab plant image database

    PSA – Phycological Soc of America

    ESA – Ecological Soc of America

    SETAC – Soc of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry