Cat’s Mustache: Dropsy

Developer: Devolver
Released: September 10, 2015
Genre: Point-and-click
Platform: PC (Steam)
Played: November 2, 2018

Show notes

Kris played Dropsy (Devolver 2015), a point-and-click game with bizarre aesthetics and a jazzy soundtrack provided by Chris Schlarb. Dropsy has received critical praise for the grotesque look and feel, which contrasts with the jazzy music in the background. Though at times repetitive, the music may exacerbate the minimal tension that is common to point-and-click and puzzle games. Dropsy contains few difficult puzzles (so far at least) but seems to focus on exploring a world filled with strange characters and nightmarish landscapes.


Twitch Link

Note: This is the last twelve minutes of play. Full video will be edited and provided soon.

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Kristopher Purzycki


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