Drs & DMs: Aftermath – A Dragonlance Adventure

When: Wednesdays at 5pm CST; end time alternating

Master’s student Chuck Sturgill has created a campaign using the AD&D 2nd edition ruleset and the Dragonlance expansion (an expansion before there were expansions…). Regular players include Scott, Kris, and Andrew with occasional visits by Laya. Dragonlance offers a number of additional options that have helped create a unique campaign. Playing with a system that is now three decades old has highlighted some of the differences in mechanics, play style, and aesthetics. The schedule for Drs & DMs alternates weekly between a four hour campaign and an hour long discussion session where Chuck, players, and the Twitch audience can consider general themes of D&D or specific events that occurred the week prior.

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Kristopher Purzycki