Site Reports and Excavations

2021 Update: New sources have been added to the bibliography ad hoc, but a more proper update is ‘on the list’!

The focus here is on more recent excavations, though not exclusively. The list includes some general references to site reports, as well as to specific articles that focus on objects discovered through systematic excavation (or at least cases where the provenience of an object or objects is not seriously questioned). At this point they are sort of thrown together as a whole, but I will soon divide them by site to make browsing an easier task. This is also a list that will be constantly updated with new reports (or old ones that I missed). Many of these sites have multiple excavation volumes already published (e.g., Kition, Salamis, Amathous) and these should be sought for more detailed analyses of the site. It should also be noted that sculpture found in excavations outside of Cyprus are included under the “Provenience Studies” category.

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