Course Offerings

Film 305: Digital Cinema and the Computer
Satisfies Oral & Written Communications Part B (OWC-B) and GER-Art Requirements
An examination of copyright and intellectual property issues in the world of digital cinema.

Film 301: Sociological Cinema
Satisfies GER-Art Requirement
A discussion of socially-conscious narrative cinema and how the course themes relate to film form.

Film 301: Film as a Modernist Art Form
Satisfies GER-Art Requirement
A look at the development of the conventions of short-form avant-garde cinema during a period of European history known as Modernsim, which was about the violent rejection of tradition.

Film 222: Introduction to Digital Filmmaking
Pre-portfolio studio in digital filmmaking and editing techniques.

Fine Art 410/510: Inter-Arts Junior & Senior Project
Individual projects in IAT facilitated by critiques, work sessions, technical demonstrations tailored to student needs and preparation for public presentation or exhibition.