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In the future, transportation will likely be fundamentally and significantly different than it is today. The Center for Urban Transportation Studies is working to improve the operational safety, efficiency, and security of future transportation systems.

Center for Urban Transportation Studies

CUTS is an interdisciplinary group of faculty and students who share a common interest in the various aspects of transportation.

Among the issues researchers study at CUTS are: intelligent transportation systems; smart cities; urban mass transit; transportation management; land use; travel forecasting; alternative futures; technology transfer; private sector involvement in transportation; ride sharing; energy constraints on transportation; port operation and planning; railroad operations; environmental impacts; community impacts; and transportation planning.


CUTS is committed to innovative research that improves the transportation needs at local, state and federal levels. To that end, our faculty moves research and knowledge into the community by participating in outreach activities that include teaching (short course, workshops and institutes) and providing on-line transportation information retrieval services.

CUTS also partners with UWM’s School of Continuing Education’s Center for Transportation Education and Development—which serves the public transit community—to design and deliver relevant outreach programs.

Center for Urban Transportation Studies