Research key words: climate change, hydrology, runoff, water resources, urban growth, land use change

My research is centered around the intersection of climate change, hydrology, and urban growth. Over the several years, I have been interested in climate change and urban growth impacts on the hydrology and water quality at basin scales, evaluating hydroclimatic data sets for hydrological analysis and modeling, and effects of urban-rural climatic difference on hydrology. More recently I began to explore new data sources for hydroclimatic research (via Milwaukee Urban Observatory) and study the trends and propagation of drought.


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Current work

Here are my ongoing research projects or manuscripts:

Graduate students’ research

  • Impacts of Climate and Agricultural Irrigation on Stream Baseflow in Wisconsin (doctoral, ongoing)
  • A Coupled GIS Modeling Framework for Hydrologic Ecosystem Services and its Application to the Impacts of Climate Change and Urban Expansion (doctoral thesis by Feng Pan, 2019)
  • High Capacity Wells and Baseflow Decline in the Wolf River Basin, Northeastern Wisconsin (MS thesis by Sue Borchardt, 2016)
  • Regionalization of Hydrologic Response in the Great Lakes Basin: Considerations of Temporal Variability (MS thesis by Jonathan Kult, 2013)
  • Decadal Changes and Future Projections of Precipitation in the Metropolitan Area of Milwaukee (MS thesis by Anke Keuser, 2012)
(A fieldwork site in Seoul, Korea after heavy rain on 30 June 2011)