Equipment Available at UW-Milwaukee to Support Research in Composite Materials

  • Laboratory melting furnaces
  • stir and ultrasonic mixing equipment
  • Instron and MTS mechanical testing machine
  • Hardness tester, Charpy impact testing machine
  • Optical microscopes with image analysis capability (Clemex Image Analysis System)
  • HR scanning electron microscopes
  • HR transmission electron microscopes
  • X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, surface analytical equipment including Auger, SIMS, AFM
  • Structures Laboratory – Testing machines with latest mechanical and electronic control systems
  • Pressure infiltration and squeeze casting equipment for metal matrix composites
  • Sintering furnaces
  • Press for powder pressing
  • Attritor milling equipment, Cryo milling equipment
  • Melt spinning equipment
  • Density measurement
  • Microwave melting furnace
  • Automatic polishing equipment
  • Pressure and vacuum furnaces
  • Nanoindentor
  • Powder Metallurgy equipment

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