Household Expenses of Thomas, Earl of Lancaster, 30 Sept. 1313 – 29 Sept. 1314 (7-8 Edw. II)

Source:  John Stow, A Survey of London (2nd edn, 1603), with Introduction and Notes by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1908, rpt 1971), vol. I, pp. 85-7, transcribed by Martha Carlin.  [Stow’s marginal notes are represented below as endnotes.]

Great families of old time kept.[1]

And here to touch some what of greater families and householdes kept in former times by noble men, and great estates of this Realme, according to their honours or dignities.  I haue seene an account made by H. Leicester, cofferer to Thomas Earle of Lancaster, for one whole yeares expences in the Earles house, from the day next after Michaelmasse in the seuenth yere of Edward the second, vntill Michaelmasse in the eight yeare of the same king amounting to the sum of seuen thousand, nine hundred, fiftie seuen pound thirteene shillings foure pence halfe penny, as followeth,

To wit, in the Pantrie, Buttrie, and Kitchen, 3405.l. &c. for 184. tunnes, one pipe of red or claret wine, and one tunne of white wine bought for the house, 104. pound, xvij.s. vi.d.
For Grocerie ware, 17.s.
For sixe Barrels of sturgeon, 19 li.
For 6800. stockfishes, so called, for dried fishes of all sorts, as Lings, Habardines, and other, 6.s. 7.d.
For 1714. pound of waxe, with Vermelion and Turpentine to make red waxe, 7s. 4.d. ob.
For 2319. li. of Tallow candles for the houshold, and 1870. of lights for Paris candles, called Perchers, 14.s. 3.d.
Expences on the Earles great horses, and the keepers wages, 4s. 3.d. ob.
Linnen cloth for the L. and his Chapleins, and for the Pantrie, 17.d.
For 129. dosen of Parchment with Inke, 8 s. 3.d. ob.
Summe, 17.s. 7.d. ob.
Item [2] for two clothes of Skarlet for the Earle against Christmasse, one cloth of Russet, for the Bishop of Angew, 70. clothes of Blew for the knights, (as they were then termed) 15. clothes of Medley for the Lords clearkes, 28. clothes for the Esquiers, 15. clothes for Officers, 19. clothes for Groomes, 5. clothes for Archers, 4. clothes for Minstrels and Carpenters, with the sharing and carriage for the Earles Liueries at Christmasse, 15.d.
Item for 7. Furres of variable Miniuer (or powdred Ermin) 7. whoodes of Purple, 395. Furres of Budge for the Liueryes of Barons, Knights, and Clarkes, 123. Furres of Lambe for  Esquiers, bought at Christmasse, 17.s. 8.d.
Item [3] 65. clothes  saffron colour, for the Barons and Knights: in sommer, 12. red clothes mixt for Clearkes, 26. clothes ray for Esquiers, one cloth ray for Officers coates in sommer, and 4. clothes ray for carpets in the hall, for 13.s. 8.d.
Item 100. peeces of greene silke for the knights, 14. Budge Furres for surcotes, 13. whoodes of Budge for Clearks, and 75. furres of Lambs for the Lordes liueryes in sommer, with Canuas and cords to trusse them, 19.s.
Item Sadles for the Lords liueries in sommer 6.s. 8.d.
Item one Sadle for the Earle of the Princes armes, 40.s.
Summe, 18.s. 3.d.
Item for things bought, whereof cannot be read in my note, 14.s. 1.d. ob.
For horses lost in seruice of the Earle, 8.l. 6.s. 8.d.
Fees payde to Earles, Barons, knights, and Esquiers, 15.s. 5.d.
In gifts to knights of France, the Queene of Englands nurces, to the Countesse of Warren, Esquiers, Minstrels, Messengers and riders, 14.s.
Item [4] 168. yeards of russet cloth, and 24. coates for poore men with money giuen to the poore on Maundie Thursday, 16.s. 7.d.
Item 24. siluer dishes, so many sawcers, and so many cuppes for the Buttrie, on paire of  Paternosters, and one siluer coffen bought this yeare, 5.s. 6.s.
To diuerse Messengers about the Earles businesse, 19.s. 8.pence.
In the Earles chamber,
To diuerse men for the Earles olde debts, 16.s. ob. q.
Summe, 7.s. 11.d. ob. q.
The expences of the Countesse at Pickering for the time of this account, as in the Pantrie, Buttrie, Kitchen, and other places, concerning these Offices, two hundred fourescore and fiue pounds, thirteene shillings, halfepennie.
In Wine, Waxe, Spices, clothes, Furres, and other things for the Countesses Wardrobe, an hundred fiftie foure poundes seuen shillings, foure pence, halfepennie.
Summe, 8.s. 6.d. q.
Summa totalis of the whole expences, 13.s. 4d. ob.
Thus much for this Earle of Lancaster.


[1]  Great families of old time kept.  Tho. Earle of Lancaster, his housekeeping, and charge thereof for one yeare.  Record of Pontfract, as I could obtaine of M. Cudnor.

[2]  159. clothes in liueries against Christmasse.

[3]  104. clothes in liueries in Sommer.

[4] Northren Russet halfe yarde & half quarter brode, I haue seene sold for foure pence the yard, and was good cloath of a mingled colour.