History 600 (The House in History) – new online course format

To: Students in History 600 (The House in History)

From: Professor Martha Carlin (carlin@uwm.edu)

As you know, all UWM classes will be taught online for the remainder of this semester. This memo will describe how History 600 will proceed from now on.

I have revised the online syllabus to conform with the changes noted in this memo.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me! I will do my best to help.


HISTORY 600 (The House in History):



  1. Most elements of the course will remain unchanged, including:
  • The assigned readings (as set forth in the online syllabus)
  • The weekly seminars on Tuesdays beginning at 12:30 PM: required classes resume on 31 March (Week 10)
  • The weekly online discussion materials (I will post these on my course webpage as usual, and we will continue to use them in the seminars)
  • The research paper (deadline changed to 14 April; full instructions at end of online syllabus)
  • The oral presentations in Week 15 (full instructions at end of online syllabus)
  • Your final grade will still be assessed as in the online syllabus:
    • Your attendance, active participation, and other work in class: 35%
    • Your eight (formerly ten) best sets of weekly discussion questions: 20%
    • Your three ranked paper topics: 5%
    • Your research paper: 30%
    • Your oral presentation: 10%
  1. Some elements of the course will change:
  • All classes will be held online, via Collaborate Ultra. These will be “live” seminars, held at our usual class times. We will begin, as usual, at 12:30 PM, but each class except the final one (oral presentations) will probably last only until 2:00 PM or earlier, not 3:10 PM. To enable us to finish so quickly, however, everyone will need to take a prompt part in the discussions. See below for instructions in using Collaborate Ultra.
  • Because of the disruptions since Week 8, for your final grade I will count only your best eight (not ten) sets of discussion questions
  • You will submit your weekly discussion questions and your research paper via Canvas rather than on paper.
  1. There will be a practice seminar this Tuesday (24 March) – please attend it if you can:

I will hold the seminar for Week 9 this coming week (the second week of the extended Spring Break), on its original date (Tuesday, 24 March). This will be a “practice” seminar, so that we can practice using Collaborate Ultra as a class. Attendance is NOT required, but I hope that everyone who can attend will do so, so that we can all become adept at using Collaborate Ultra before our class formally resumes on 31 March (Week 10). The practice seminar will start, as usual, at 12:30 PM. Please do the Week 9 assigned readings before the seminar, but NO DISCUSSION QUESTIONS are required.

  • IMPORTANT: For everyone who attends this practice seminar I will erase an unexcused absence in Weeks 1-8.
  • To attend the practice seminar, follow the instructions below.
  1. To participate in the online seminars:
    • Before logging in: ALWAYS re-start computer. Use ONLY Chrome as browser. Silence your phone(s) and any other devices, and work from a quiet room.
    • Shortly BEFORE 12:30 PM, enter the course Canvas page
    • Click on Collaborate Ultra in the left sidebar
    • Select the session (e.g., “Week 9 seminar”) and click on “Join session”
    • Follow the prompts to complete your audio and video checks
    • Click on the lavender tab (lower right) to open the Chat sidebar
    • Class will begin at 12:30 PM. To speak during class, click on the “Raised Hand” icon and wait for me to call on you. When I call on you, UNMUTE your microphone to speak, then Mute it again ASAP.