HIST 840 Discussion Materials (Spring 2017 – Week 6)

Week 6: Medical Theory and Diet


Reay Tannahill, Food in History, pp. 141-151 (Chap. 11: “The Arab World”)

Margaret Visser, Much Depends on Dinner, pp. 259-284 (Chap. 8: “Lemon Juice: A Sour Note”)

E. N. Anderson, “Traditional Medical Values of Food,” in Food and Culture: A Reader, ed. Carole Counihan and Penny Van Esterik (New York: Routledge, 1997), pp. 80-91.

Ronald L. LeBlanc, “Tolstoy’s Way of All Flesh: Abstinence, Vegetarianism, and Christian Physiology,” in Musya Glants and Joyce Toomre, eds., Food in Russian History and Culture (Bloomington and Indianapolis: Indiana University Press, 1997), pp. 81-102.

Alan Davidson, “Not Yogurt with Fish,” in idem, A Kipper with My Tea: Selected Food Essays (London: Macmillan, 1988), pp. 149-51.


The four humors
Racoon dog
Count Leo Tolstoy in 1910
Citron (etrog)

Lemon houses on Lake Garda:


“The Road to Wellville” (trailer, 3:06 min.):

John Harvey Kellogg and Adventism (from PBS documentary, 3:37 min.):

shakin’ the lulav and etrog (1:13 min.)

Four Species Guide: The Etrog (How to tell if an etrog is kosher; 6:02 min.)

Count Leo Tolstoy: clip from film The Last Station (with Christopher Plummer and Helen Mirren, 1:25 min.)