HIST 204 Lecture Outline (Spring 2020) – Week 15

HIST 204



Review for final exam

Final Examination instructions:

For your final exam for History 204, imagine that you have just taught this course. Then, write a suitable final examination representing the course material covered in Weeks 7-14 (that is, since the midterm exam). You must supply both the questions AND the correct answers.

A suitable final examination will:

  • Include 20 to 25 questions, with each question assigned a point value;
  • Have 100 total points;
  • Take about two hours to complete;
  • Uniformly cover the course content from weeks 7 through 14;
  • Be based on
    • Content from Professor Carlin’s lectures (both in-person and online);
    • Readings from Judith Bennett’s Medieval Europe: A Short History, and the Gieses’ Life in a Medieval City;
    • The assigned primary source documents.

For each question, you must provide an appropriate and correct answer:

In other words, if you design a short-answer exam (like the midterm), you must write the kind of short answers that would result in a grade of “A”; if you design some other kind of final exam, you must provide full, “A”-quality answers.

Your final exam (both questions and answers) should not exceed five single-spaced pages, or about 2500 words. The exam questions and answers must be entirely your own work.

The deadline for submitting your final exam, via Canvas, is THURSDAY, 7 MAY 2020, at 11:59 PM.





Virtual office hours for William and Professor Carlin

We will hold an open session on Collaborate Ultra from 9:30 to 10:45 AM; feel free to log in with any questions (or comments) that you might have.

Your take-home final exam is due this evening in Canvas; please submit it not later than 11:59 PM, after which the portal will close.