HIST 203 – Primary Sources for Papers

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Prof. Martha Carlin

Here are links to some primary sources for the research paper topics for History 203:

1. Peasant life

Excerpt from Charlemagne’s capitulary of Frankfurt, 794, giving the prices of staples

Excerpt from a “polyptique” (an early form of economic census) by Abbot Irminon of the Abbey of St. Germain-des-Pres,
c. 800. The polyptique surveys the abbey’s estates, and this excerpt concerns the village of Villeneuve-St. Georges.

Charlemagne’s capitulary “De villis”

Inventory of Charlemagne’s estate at “Asnapium” (modern Annapes, just east of Lille, at the NE tip of France, near the Belgian border), c. 800

Excerpt from Charlemagne’s capitulary of Diedenhofen, 805, on the military tax (Heribannum) payable by all freemen

Excerpt from a capitulary of Louis the Pious, c. 817, on the duties of coloni (serfs)

2. Viking raid

Accounts of Viking attacks, 789 and 793

(If the above link will not work, here is the same text at another link:)

Excerpts from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle for the years 878-886

The Battle of Maldon: poem about the defeat of an English local militia by the Vikings in 991
Text of the poem, in a recent English translation by Jonathan A. Glenn (see bottom of page of poem): http://www.lightspill.com/poetry/oe/
Translator’s notes and maps of the battle site: https://web.archive.org/web/20120223235323/https://faculty.uca.edu/jona/second/malnotes.html
See also the following website on the Battle of Maldon and its sources:

3. Benedictine monk or nun

Rule of St. Benedict

Rudolf of Fulda, Life of St. Leoba, Abbess of Bischofsheim (d. 779; Life written c. 836)

Carolingian plan of the monastery of St. Gall, Switzerland
original manuscript: http://www.stgallplan.org/recto.html
redrawn, with captions in English translation: http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/historical/shepherd/monastery_st.gall_swiss.jpg

4. Life at Charlemagne’s court

Einhard’s Life of Charlemagne

Notker of St. Gall’s Life of Charlemagne (883-4)

More primary sources on Charlemagne’s reign can be found in the Internet Medieval Sourcebook at: