Grade Calculator

Click below for the online grade calculator of Professor Ben Eggleston of the University of Kansas:

Enter your assignment and exam grades for any course, together with the weighting of each as a percentage of the final grade.  All entries must be in numerical form, not in letter form.

You will get your current grade point average for the course, and you will also be able to calculate what grades you will need to earn on remaining assignments or exams to get the final grade that you hope to obtain.

Professor Eggleston’s calculator can be used for any grading system, including UWM’s system of letter grades (A-F).

The UWM scale is below:

A   = 4.000
A-  = 3.670
B+ = 3.330
B   = 3.000
B-  = 2.670
C+ = 2.330
C   = 2.000
C-  = 1.670
D+ = 1.330
D   = 1.000
D- =  0.670
F   =  0.000