Cook Group Alumni

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Graduate Level/ Postdoctoral Trainees and Visiting Scientists
Graduate Level Current Position
Daisy Yang-Lan,M.S.August,1976
Frank Ungemach,M.S.August,1976 Patent Attorney, Amgen
James Oehldrich,M.S.August,1976 Chief Toxicologist, State Crime Lab-Milwaukee
Dave Soerens,Ph.D.August,1978 Kimberly Clarke
Olivia Campos,Ph.D.August,1978 Associate Professor, University of Brasila, Brazil
Randall Mitschka,M.S.August,1978 Abbott Laboratories, now Pfizer
Patti Mokry Brettell,M.S.August,1979 Medical Doctor
Jen-Chun Chang, M.S.August,1980
Wen-Ching Han,M.S.August,1982 Bristol Myers Squibb
Mike Cain, Ph.D. December, 1982 Abbott Laboratories
Shieu-Jeing Lee,M.S.May,1984 PhD Student, Chemical Engineering, Yale University
Robert Weber,Ph.D.November,l984 CENTOCOR
Filadelfo Guzman,M.S.December,1984 Rikker Laboratories
Mahendra Deshpande,Ph.D.August,1985 Abbott Laboratories
Mani Venkatachalam,Ph.D. August,1986 Supelco, Inc.
Greg Lannoye,Ph.D.August,1987 Abbott Laboratories
Greg G. Kubiak,Ph.D.May,1989 Rhone Poulenc
Christopher Schultz,M.S.August,1987 Ph.D,Geology
Timothy Hagen,Ph.D.May,1988 Searle Laboratories, Northern Illinois University
Mark L. Trudell,Ph.D.March,1989 Professor, University of New Orleans
Sherry Lifer, M.S.August,1987 Eli Lilly and Co
Michael Allen,Ph.D.January,1992 Abbott Laboratories
Lin-Hua Zhang, PhD.March,1990 Gilead Sciences
Yun-Chou Tan,M.S.June,1988 Ciba Geigy
Joseph Sandrin Vice President,C.M. Hill
Xiayong Fu,Ph.D.May,1992 Schering-Plough Pharmaceutical Co.
Yingzhi Bi,Ph.D. May,1994 Bristol Myers Squibb
Li Deng,M.S.August,1990 Professor,Brandeis University
Paul May,M.S.1990 Pharmacia-Upjohn then Pfizer
Linda Hamaker,Ph.D. Texas Biotechnology Corp.
Linda Dorn ,M.S.July,1991 Abbott Laboratories
Michael Martin,M.S.September,1992 Eli Lilly
Kevin Czerwinski,Ph.D.August,1995 Associate Professor,University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Weijiang Zhang,Ph.D.August,1994 Abbott Laboratories
Jacqlynn Behnke Aldrich Chemical Co.
Hernando Diaz-Arauzo,Ph.D.July, 1991 Nalco Oil Company
Eric Cox,Ph.D.July,1997 Pfizer Pharmaceutical, now Amylin
Ruiyan Liu,Ph.D.October,1996 Pharmacopia
Scott Van Ornum,Ph.D.April,1998 Abbott Laboratories, now Cedarburg Labs
Tong Gan,Ph.D.August, 1997 Schering Plough, now MLB
Qi Huang,Ph.D.June,1998 Amgen
Peng Yu,Ph.D.February,1999 Medi Chem Research
Jin Li,Ph.D.February,1999 Pfizer Pharmaceutical Co.
Chunrong Ma,Ph.D.July,2000 Takeda California, San Diego
Xiaohui He,Ph.D.August,2000 COMBI-CHEM, Dupont
Tao Wang,Ph.D.May,2001 Schering Plough
Xioyan Li,Ph.D. September, 2004 Aldrich Chemical Co.
Shuo Zhao,Ph.D.August,2001 Ligand Pharmaceutical Co.
Xiaoxiang Liu,Ph.D.March,2002 Yale University; Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.
Hui Cao,Ph.D.June,2003 Adesis Inc
Annie Wearing,Ph.D. September, 2004 Esai Pharmaceuticals
Chunchun Zhang,Ph.D. , 2004 Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
June Ma,Ph.D. September, 2006 Enanta Pharmaceuticals
Wenyuan Yin,Ph.D. September, 2007 Post Doctoral, UWM
Shengming Huang,Ph.D. September, 2007 Pharmaceutical company
Michael VanLinn,Ph.D. September, 2009 Post Doctoral position, Drexel University
Yun Teng Johnson,Ph.D. September, 2009 UW-Madison, Pharmacy Department
 Mohd. Shahjahan Kabir, Ph.D. May, 2011  Food and Drug Administration, FDA
Rahul Edwankar, December, 2010  UNC
Chitra Edwankar, Ph.D. December 2011
Sundari Rallapalli, Ph.D. December, 2012  J&J, Georgia
German Fonseca, Ph.D. August, 2015
Michael M. Poe, Ph.D. August, 2016  Post Doctoral position, UConn.
Christopher M. Witzigman Alcami Corporation
V. V. N. Phani Babu Tiruveedhula, Ph.D. August 2017  UW-Milwaukee
Md Toufiqur Rahman, Ph.D. December 2018 RTI International, NC
Rajwana Jahan, Ph.D. May 2019 RTI International, NC
Guanguan Li, Ph.D. May 2019 SUSTech, China
Daniel Knutson, Ph.D. May 2020 Sterling Pharma Solutions, Germantown, WI