Difficulty viewing an item using built-in viewer

Help-Seeking Situation: Difficulty viewing an item using built-in viewer


Relative Importance:






Guideline or Design Recommendation

  1. Provide a simple DL viewer/tool readable by a screen reader.
  2. Provide an instruction of how to use the DL viewer/tool.
  3. Design visual items to magnify tools for users with low vision.
  4. Provide transcripts or  audio description explaining key features of visual items.


Rationale and Objective: A viewer/tool is embedded in a web page in order to access an item of a digital collection. The complex design of the tool is not read easily by the screen reader and not navigated easily by the BVI users. Audio description can be used to explain key features of visual items.


Techniques, Methods, and Features


Techniques and Methods

  • Add transcript for visual items or audio description.
  • Add instructions for the viewer/tools.
  • The viewer/tools should have the functionality to enlarge the visual items for users with low vision, or another assistive technology can be provided for the functionality.


  • Transcript
  • Viewer instruction
  • Magnify tool



  • Audio description – Art Beyond Sight




Related Resources:

AFB: The Visually Impaired Web User’s Technology, http://www.afb.org/info/programs-and-services/technology-evaluation/creating-accessible-websites/the-users-technology/1235

Do-It (2017). Are there standards or guidelines for providing audio description? https://www.washington.edu/doit/are-there-standards-or-guidelines-providing-audio-description

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