Difficulty identifying length of audio/video object

Help-Seeking Situation

Difficulty identifying length of audio/video object

Relative Importance




It is a physical situation related to problems detecting the length or location of time placeholder for audio/video files.



Lack of feedback


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Guideline or Design Recommendation
  1. Provide a textual description of the length of DL audio/video object
  2. Create an audio description of the length of audio/video which reads at the start of the audio/video file.  


Rationale and Objective

DLs offer a range of audio/video content. Audio descriptions are helpful for BVI users in order to provide context for the length of the audio/video file. Additional information about what is visible on the screen is provided, which allows video content to be accessible to BVI users. Audio descriptions can be used if the visual content in web audio/video provides essential content inaccessible through the audio/video alone.


Techniques and Methods
  • Add descriptive statement in the alt text/caption/subtitle/metadata for the object.
  • Create an audio description including the length of audio/video.
  • The length of time should be keyboard accessible/read by screen-reader in the player.
  • Alt text/caption
  • Audio description
    • Audio description – a narrator says, “There are five important points. They are… 20 min video”.
    • Descriptions for length – National Science Digital Library.



Related Resources
  • Xie, I., Babu, R., Joo, S., & Fuller, P. (2015). Using digital libraries non-visually: understanding the help-seeking situations of blind users. Information Research: An International Electronic Journal, 20(2), n2.
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