Create New Non-ePanther Site

To create a site:

  • My sites → Network admin → Sites → Add new
  • Site address and site title will be provided via email by the client
  • Admin email will be:
    • ✳Always use this email

To complete a site:

  • Visit dashboard→Will bring you to completed website
  • Appearance → Theme options → Put in specified title
  • Users → Remove current site creator → Add new user
    • Use the email and ePanther id of the client
    • Set them as an administrator
  • Users → Verify the new user has been added
  • If they were a new user, go to all users →edit → change account authentication type → select ‘shibboleth’
  • Send an email to the client confirming the site has been created and addressing any changes made to the requested url or site title. 
    • Location of the site
    • Location to login (site with /wp-admin/ attatched)
    • Support location
  • If the site is not an ePantherID-named site but is a custom-named site (e.g. /pup-tent-assembly) request a Short URL be created (so that will redirect to the site).