ASD Clinic

WI LEND: Milwaukee Link ASD Clinic

UWM offers a free diagnostic clinic for young children (ages 24 months through 5 years 11 months) for whom there is concern of a possible autism spectrum disorder.  At this time, assessments are available to children whose first language and language spoken at home is English.

Clinic visits take place on Wednesday mornings across 4 weeks at the UWM Child Neurodevelopment Research Lab in Garland Hall. Parking is provided.

Sessions are as follows:

1: Parent interview (9am-12pm; only parents attend)

2: Developmental testing with child (9am- 12pm);

3: Occupational Therapy and Speech evaluation (9am to 11am);

4: Feedback session (9:30-11am; only parents attend).

A parent or guardian must be present at all times. Parents will also be sent questionnaires to complete prior to the first session. Families will be provided with a written report of the results of the assessment.

All sessions are observed live by trainees and videotaped as this is a research and training clinic. All information gathered is kept for research purposes.

COVID-19 related note: In the Fall 2020 semester, we may conduct a limited number of diagnostic assessments using Telehealth, without any on-campus in-person contact.

This Wisconsin LEND: Milwaukee Link UWM ASD CLINIC is funded in part by the Wisconsin Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disorders (LEND) training program funded by the Bureau of Maternal and Child Health. The clinic director is Bonnie Klein-Tasman, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist and Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology, and evaluations are conducted in collaboration with Kris Barnekow, Ph.D., OT and John Heilmann, Ph.D., SLP as well as graduate students in the psychology, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, nursing, and public health.

For information, or to request an appointment, please call Bonnie Klein-Tasman, Ph.D. at 414-229-3060.