UWM Healthy People on Healthy Planet Conference, September 2019

The bike lab had a good showing at the 2019 UWM Healthy People on a Healthy Planet Conference. Philip Van Asten and Tim Wegehaupt explained:

  1. Cycling is good for people and the planet. It addresses several of the UNSDGs. The more people cycling, the better.
  2. Not everyone is able to participate, especially with upright bicycles. People with joint or nerve damage.
  3. Recumbent bicycles and tricycles address some of the issues with uprights, but introduce problems of their own.
  4. We have discovered a way to combine recumbent bicycles and recumbent tricycles that preserves their strengths and eliminates some of their drawbacks: the PantherTrike.
  5. How the PantherTrike works.