The SAIL Review, 1.1 (Spring 2021)

The Inaugural Issue of The SAIL Review
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Jeremy M. Carnes


The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones
Kali Simmons

In the Night of Memory by Linda LeGarde Grover
Robin Riley Fast

Brother Bullet by Casandra López
Jane Haladay

Recovering Native American Writings in the Boarding School Press edited by Jacqueline Emery
Cristina Stanciu

Bearheart: The Gerald Vizenor Chronicles Directed by John Purdy
James Mackay

Call for Reviews

The field of American Indian literature includes poetry, drama, fiction and nonfiction, critical theory, cultural theory, history and all forms of story in the shape of comics, movies, videos, and games.We are excited to hear about the texts that make you think, that answer questions you may have, or that ask for response and revision.The SAIL Review is looking for reviews of texts that you find particularly worth discussing, for these or any other reasons.We welcome reviews of scholarly or creative works in any mode or medium that are relevant to the field of American Indian literary studies.

If you would like to review forThe SAIL Review, you can email the reviews editor, Jeremy Carnes at