The SAIL Review

In an effort to continue adapting with our changing field and to more robustly highlight the multitudes of incredible work being produced by scholars and writers in Indigenous studies and literature, the editorial board of Studies in American Indian Literatures is pleased to announce the development of The SAIL Review.

Our flagship publication, Studies in American Indian Literatures, has been and continues to be a foundational publication in Indigenous literary studies. In an effort to expand on that influential history, we are hoping to broaden opportunities to get to know and stay abreast of important and inspiring moves in our field.

The SAIL Review will be a quarterly, open-access publication focused on reviews and important announcements pertaining to the community of Indigenous literary scholars. We hope that publishing reviews in this manner will free up more space within the pages of SAIL for important literary scholarship as well as make the reviews of new and important texts more readily available.

Call for Reviews for The SAIL Review
The field of American Indian literature includes poetry, drama, fiction and nonfiction, critical theory, cultural theory, history and all forms of story in the shape of comics, movies, videos, and games. We are excited to hear about the texts that make you think, that answer questions you may have, or that ask for response and revision. The SAIL Review is looking for short reviews of texts that you find particularly worth discussing, for these or any other reasons. We welcome reviews of scholarly or creative works in any mode or medium that are relevant to the field of American Indian literary studies. If you would like to review for The SAIL Review, you can email the reviews editor, Jeremy Carnes at

Call for Announcements for The SAIL Review
Do you have announcements that you’d like to share with the broader Indigenous literature community? Do you have an event coming up? A scholarship opportunity? A conference CFP? Send any announcements you’d like to see in The SAIL Review to Jeremy Carnes at

Larger Reviews for Publication in SAIL
Some reviews will still be published in SAIL, but these will largely be broader reviews of multiple texts or issues in the field. These reviews will stretch across larger swaths of issues in Indigenous literary studies. A great example is Chadwick Allen’s review of Shapes of Nonfiction and his broader discussion of nonfiction writing in SAIL 32.3&4. These reviews should be no longer than 5000 words. If you are interested in this broader type of review, please email Jeremy Carnes at

Issues of The SAIL Review

1.2 (Summer, 2021)
1.1 (Spring, 2021)